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Do you want to express yourself with confidence and from the heart no matter who you are communicating with?

Do you want to find emotional balance and manage your stress effectively no matter what you are going through?


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My journey to wellness

About me

Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner - Holistic Communication Coach

Hello and welcome,


My passion lies in helping people conquer their fears and anxieties surrounding speaking, whether it's at the dinner table, in professional settings, or in everyday interactions as well as in helping individuals to feel calmer.

I have helped hundred people to have more control over stress, anxiety, t0 realign their energy and to communicate the heart. 

I run trainings, workshops, retreat and see client individually.

My psycho-corporeal approach is integrative. I use modalities such as  Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT tapping), breathwork, yoga, meditation, sound healing, the voicetheatre based learning, non violent communication as well as tools to learn how to communicate effectively and find emotional balance.

I can help you to:

  • Relieve stress and find inner peace

  • Process and release disturbing emotions: anger, sadness, fear, guilt...

  • Let go of self-limiting beliefs

  • Improve communication skills and grow self confidence

If this is the right time for you and if this calls you, please contact me and I will be honoured to guide you.

I am available in both French or English, in Seoul or Online

Single sessions and packages available

More about me

    Discover a unic holistic approach to Public speaking
    get to practice with me Certified EFT tapping practitioner
    Practice Yoga and meditation with me
    Guild for EFT Tapping
    Discover the benefits of meditation

    Sessions and courses

    E, Italy

    Sophie's guidance throughout the EFT workshops was truly exceptional. The practical insights and techniques she shared have proven to be beneficial for me on a personal level. The impact on my well-being has been profound.

    It would be wonderful if my experience could contribute to helping others discover the transformative power of EFT.

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