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Express Yourself with Confidence, Clarity and an Open Heart

Public Speaking

Do you want to explore the different facets of your beautiful organ, to release the blockages, emotions and associated fears associated to public speaking?

For elevator pitch, speaking within a group, with family members, at a diner table, share your point of view, give a presentation, a speech, prepare an oral, feel comfotable online, on your social media and learn how to speak from the heart in different contexts

Learn the specific and holisitic techniques to express yourself

  • Use your voice as a powerful tool of communication 

  • Overcome the fear being authentic and visible

  • Dismantle self criticism

  • Self regulate your nervous system

  • Come over shyness, anxiety

  • Have a better control of emotions

  • Speak with presence and love power

  • Become more present and keep your audience's attention 

  • Find your authenticity 

  • Make an unforgettable impact around you

  • Develop a Heart-Centred Voice

  • Use your Body as Key to Feeling Safe

  • Learn embodiment practices to help you feel safe and grounded when speaking.

  • (Re)discover the joy of speaking.

  • Healing and Deconditioning the Past / Remove limited belief and blocage

Feeling free in your voice, without tension or blockages, is also feeling free in your body, in your mind. 

Your voice allows you to express yourself to present with confidence and to exist.

EFT practitioner Praticienne EFT eft Tapping Sophie Martin


What to expect during a session?

Protocol with practitioner

Prise de paroles en public public speaking Sophie Martin
  • EFT practice to remove old believe

  • Excercices for the voice

  • Throat chakras openning exercices

  • Breathwork

  • Theatre based learning

  • Empower your voice, pitch, tones, volumes, speed

  • Body language

  • Theatre based learning

  • Practices on reading, presenting, speaking


The science behind "tapping"

The Science of Tapping is short documentary film dedicated to demystifying tapping and increasing acceptance of this powerful tool.

It seems that EFT affects the amygdala, the stress centre in the brain, and the hippocampus, the memory centre. S)mula)on of the tapping points is thought to send a signal to the limbic or emo)on centre and to reduce its arousal.

Download this 2022 Research Summary by EFT International.

Click here to download.

Science behing EFT tapping
Communication orale public speaking eft tapping

How to book?

Online consultations 

90 Euros

770 HKD

Package of 5 sessions 

425 euros

3660 HKD

*All therapeutic works, have a lot to do with the feeling and connection with the practitioner.

I can call you for a free 30 min chat to see how we can work together

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