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holistic communication coach

About me

Hello and welcome,


I'm Sophie, a holistic public speaking coach, certified EFT Tapping practitioner, and yoga teacher fueled by a deep passion for emotional health  self expression and communication in many forms: verbal, physical, energetical, emotional. 


Originally from France, I've spent nearly half of my life living abroad, soaking in diverse cultures and experiences. Currently based in Seoul, South Korea,

I offer my expertise internationally through online sessions.

After spending over ten years in arts and cultural management, I decided to re-evaluate my long-term goals, refocus on my passions and work for myself.

Six years ago, I went back to studie and attended several trainings in energy psychology and yoga.

I trained with psychologists and trainers from EFT International, reknown yoga teachers and energy healers.

I am certified and accredited by EFT International as well as yoga Alliance.

My passion lies in helping people conquer their fears and anxieties surrounding speaking, whether it's at the dinner table, in professional settings, or in everyday interactions as well as in helping individuals in managing stress, anxiety and emotions.

In my spare time, I continue to take trainings and short courses to keep my session and skills agrowing.


And on a more personal note, I spend time with my two inspiring children, and they make me grow every single day!


I am looking forward to connecting,


Emotional Freedom Techniques with EFT international

  • Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner 

Yoga Alliance

  • Yoga teacher  (RYT® 200)

  • Yin Yoga  (RYT® 50)

  • Sarasvatī : exercises for the voice


  • The Joy of living with Mingyur Rinpoche 

Level 1: Calming the Mind

Level 2: Opening the Heart

Level 3: Awakening Wisdom

Sekhem Energy Healing Techniques

  • Healing techniques and practice with Surj Ahead

Physical theatre

  • Diploma in Corporeal Mime and Physical Theatre, Moveo, Barcelona

Drama & Creative writting

  • University of Buckinghamshire New University, UK


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