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kids yoga eft for kids public speaking for kids
Consultations pour les enfants

EFT, Yoga, Public Speaking

Sessions available for children:

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping)

  • Speak w/ confidence

  • A mix to boost confidence and emotional health.


- Be being in the present

- Increase self-esteem

- Boost confidence 

- Overcome fears of judgement

- Get over shyness

- Accept and understand emotions

- Improve body awareness

- Reduce stress

- Get over anger

- Reduce, ease a pain (EFT)

- Learn how to use EFT alone as a self-care tool

What to expect to learn:

- Use Emotional Freedom Techniques and get over disturbing emotions

- Public Speaking: use body language, talk with appropriate speed, project your voice, stimulate verbal creativity, read text and speeches , tell a story

- Learn yoga postures: breathing exercices and meditation

Prices  for in person session 

50 000 WON - 30 to 45  min

300 HKD

35 Euros


Price for one session

35 000 WON - 30 à 45  min

25 Euros


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