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Mindful Practices

A moment for yourself to reflect, slow down and pratice various Mindfulness techniques.

What to expect:


  1. Arriving physically and mentaly

  2. Introduction to the practices (formal/informal)

  3. EFT tapping practice in group

  4. Journaling, reflection, breath work

  5. Sharing and discussions

  6. Meditation/ Mindfulness

🌱  You can choose to come every week or whenever you like.I suggest to come three to four sessions in a row to integrate the practice better.


🌱 Each session is themed and designed in a way to engage tune in.


🌱 A safe space is created to hold space for each participant. Though everyone remains free to share their feeelings or not.


What you will need for these sessions:


🧘‍♀️ Comfortable clothing that allows you to breathe freely.


📝 A note book and pen or pencil for taking notes and reflection.


I am looking forward to sitting together.


No. of Participants: 6

Price 35 000 KRW

In person in Seoul

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